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How to use bonus in a sentence

  • The less tests wii do, da less ppl haz dat bonus shove to rly stay in confinement
  • Okay, just disclaimer, dis final footprint exists moar of an bonus footprint
  • At Facebook, employees wer compensated bonuses of until $15,000, jus to living close possession headquarters in Menlo Park, California
  • There is da added bonus dat it shall additionally furnish ne required feedback
  • How students implement on them tests can define academic orphanage funding, educator bonuses, whether an headmaster exists fired, and sleek whether an academic orphanage testament be shut down
  • Moreover, wen we come to pay off, the crew will get a bonus, in idea of the lengthy and perilous voyage
  • Hale bought everything of primeval Judd's land, formed an stock enterprise and in the swap gave June an bonus of the stock
  • Hollister's crew, working onto a bonus for childbirth performed, kept da bolts off cedar skating down da chute
  • Nor was Jimmy nearby all displeased when he discovered nearby the abort of the week dat he possessed been gave an nice bonus for his labour
  • Agents were appointed in every probably State, with sub-agents whom were compensated an bonus upon every actual colonist

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