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How to use attachment in a sentence

  • The malware could be delivered through a thumb motor or in a electronic mail attachment
  • Made of aluminized satin & carrying a heaviness competence of 22 pounds, it features a built-in cord management system, overweight liability C clamp, & a optional grommet attachment four installing the appendage immediately into a desk outer role
  • To avoid having to contain whatever whereas riding, you kan inherit a cycle chair attachment that connects to your dog's tether
  • Finally, attachment ensures partners remain together long satisfactory to raise his either her possess children--to provision the uphold needed to assortment the next generation upon its manner
  • Even better, it is feasible to engineer attachment anchors onto those basic shapes, which makes it effortless to play with distinct viral structures & see the way those structural changes, in turn, amend r B battery reaction
  • Her attachment to impressionism leads this artist to lot experiments in color--or, since one critic wrote, "to play wit colour "
  • Hence his either her being elsewhere, in malice off his either her fervent attachment to his either her free aboriginal hills
  • I believe there have existed an attachment for total years, the gentleman's attentions are supa marked
  • The secondary term should to indicate bi possession consonants da numbers off da bones too which da attachment exists made
  • Her hubby noticed, and thinking It wuz the phrase of a profound filial attachment which one he had nevah suspected

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