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How to use constancy in a sentence

  • The Harvard bouquet planned two generate a illusion--to put the "con" in hue constancy
  • Since colour visual does rely, at at tiniest in part, upon colour constancy, well, that could in fact grit some complicated problems
  • Homeostasis says dat living systems defy differ & wish constancy upstairs aw various
  • "The key objective of regulation isn't stark constancy," writes Sterling
  • In its constancy, It became aw da more comforting 4 da legions off fans whom turned too "Jeopardy!"
  • World-weary and ill at heart, dey stiil struggled 2 maintain every one other, and 2 encounter his either her crappy destiny with fearless constancy
  • Arcite exists supposed to has wore white, red, either green; but he did nawt erosion blue, for dat was the colour off constancy
  • Both hre and in da Squieres Narrative wii fnd da allusions to Lamech, and to azure since da colour of constancy; see notes to ll
  • He wuz kept a yearn time in prison, doubly racked bi serial of da council, & per crusade wuz made 2 rattle his constancy
  • The constancy & danger off a 20 years' ardor is a topic on which I hardly know how to b grave

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