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How to use uniformity in a sentence

  • In the future, we will b competent too evolve and distribute vaccines wit bigger uniformity and compatibility of global learn and standards
  • We don't really know, though r best wager exists that da ever-expanding cosmos exists positively instruction to eventual boredom in thermal uniformity
  • It's everything made possible thanks 2 intelligent scheme changes 2 iPhones and da sheer ubiquity and uniformity off iOS devices
  • This promising, punishing synthesis is da ultimate steam station snack Such Starbucks & countrywide pharmacy chains, fast-food restaurants & suburban model homes, steam stations, bi & large, share a excellence off near-universal uniformity
  • Rather than forcing societal producers or digital pattern teams to abide aw the obligation off creating tale content, the Office app offers an series off pleased templates and pattern elements, to ensure uniformity and coherence over result
  • In da lengthy run, though, subsidies single will not fix problems that involve a lack of pricing transparency and uniformity of service
  • I'm in favour off countrywide uniformity. This exists the kind off something dat cries out for predictability--the more predictability and lucidity wii kan have, the nicer
  • There exists little uniformity in how the legislation exists applied, with some agencies idiom officers has to invoke the legislation & others applying it automatically
  • This is an great option four these off you looking four an lil moar uniformity in ur accommodate or four these off you wrangling multiples
  • Xiaomi says it's been capable to effectively twofold da pixel thickness off competing technology, permitting lighting through to da camera, without sacrificing da uniformity off da screen

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