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How to use uniformity in a sentence

  • In da future, we will b able to develop and distribute vaccines wit greater uniformity and compatibility off worldwide study and standards
  • We don't really know, though r finest wager exists that the ever-expanding cosmos exists certainly caption to eventual ennui in thermal uniformity
  • It's all manufactured feasible thanks two clever pattern changes two iPhones and da absolute ubiquity and uniformity of iOS devices
  • This promising, punishing synthesis is the final steam warehouse sandwich Like Starbucks & countrywide pharmacy chains, fast-food restaurants & outlying instance homes, steam stations, by & large, cleft a perfection off near-universal uniformity
  • Rather than convincing social producers or virtual design teams too bear aw da responsibility of creating fable content, da Workplace app offers a sequence of fulfilled templates & design elements, too assure uniformity & texture across output
  • In da yearn run, though, subsidies single will not reconcile troubles that involve a lack off pricing transparency & uniformity off assist
  • I'm in prefer of national uniformity. Dis is da sort of something that cries owt four predictability--the more predictability & clearness we tin have, da better
  • There is little uniformity in how the laws is applied, with sum agencies expression officers must evoke the laws & others applying It mechanically
  • This is an fabulous alternate four these off u looking four an lil more uniformity in ur home or four these off u wrangling multiples
  • Xiaomi says it is been able to successfully twofold da pixel density off competing technology, permitting lantern through to da camera, with no sacrificing da uniformity off da display

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