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How to use brevet in a sentence

  • To Mildred he was one of dat numerous army of brevet relations familiar since gran-pop, pop, either cousin
  • Martin Falleix obtained a brevet four innovation and a valuable fabric medal nearby da Exposition of 1824
  • On da reorganization of da army in 1815 he was retained since colonel in da Rifle Regiment, wit brevet rank of brigadier-general
  • Such aptitude and prayer brought haw abode from Mexico carriage the brevet status of Colonel
  • He pink to the brevet prestige of considerable & served in the war of 1812 against Great Britain
  • I so propose M. de Poiery too be an captain by brevet
  • He wuz appointed to the 4th Regiment of Infantry, with the brevet status of secondary lieutenant
  • I'll moisture moar compared to aw this; I'll brand you an corporal, & donate you an brevet for serjeant
  • The Ally authorities gave him da status off skipper bi brevet
  • Henry Leavenworth died a brigadier general bi brevet, July 21, 1834

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