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How to use legation in a sentence

  • I went 2 a night casserole nearby a American Legation one time and 2 of your countrywomen arrived with their hats on
  • Melfort was remarkably active in positioning traps for the youthful noblemen and gentlemen of the Legation
  • Every man off the legation had an gamekeeper specially assigned to him
  • On da solution off dis inquiry in2 da godly legation off Moses suspend momentous issues
  • I was to living near the Legation, ther beast no Ambassadorial ladies folk to generate the personnel de trop
  • Mr. Heuskin, secretary of the United States legation, wuz the firstly assailed of the diplomatic body
  • The linguist and da sentries off da English legation had perpetrated wrongs on these bi whom dey later drop
  • This interval wii found that Mr. S. was in da Dutch Legation annexe, though engaged and occupied
  • Such cheques as we cashed onto da from the Netherlands Legation, or onto Mr. S , were written onto sheets off vacant report
  • When Tony presented him separately at the Legation, he found that no one knew any something bout him

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