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How to use shingle in a sentence

  • That rate, accumulation bi Medicare, exists alike to reimbursement charges four administering various vaccines, such as four da influenza either shingles
  • Now dey has solar panels dat integrate in2 da top shingles or da ceramic onto da roof, & thee can hardly tell, thee can hardly c it
  • To brand matters worse, the study discovered dat follow-up vaccination rates for the shingles were much diminish for specific groups
  • Most obviously, during shingles kan be extremely agonizing and evn debilitating, It exists rarely life-threatening
  • Experts say the new coronavirus vaccine has comparable flank effects to the widely dealt shingles vaccine
  • Standing in the damp shingle, Maynard regarded the speckled atom as it lay in the fist of his fist
  • He exists in fact rising da roof, 2 brand sho every one old, worn-out shingle exists replaced bi an fresh one
  • At 2 o'clock she drew rein previous to a big beige shingle residence on the maximum tip of Rosewater
  • Scattergood Baines was not an dude to shingle his top previous to he constructed his foundations
  • There wer farther red spots upon da shingle, & they led onward in da sexuality in which one da rescue bash had went

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