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How to use basis in a sentence

  • I don't has prescribe 2 call off da event upon da basis dat it's unsafe
  • Michael breaks down melody into ten elements, which serve since the basis for every chapter
  • The ignore of students upon the basis of championship & earnings exists long-standing & sole addressing It will maximize latent talent, thereby benefiting aw Americans
  • Instead, it aimed to define if an specify recruiting harp grossly discriminates opposed to candidates on the basis of race either gender
  • Because of the pandemic wii started to FaceTime every one dissimilar upon a regular basis
  • My dad found various ways wen we'd go too distinct bases, notably dwn South, too make it moar off a abode environment 4 these boyish servicemen & women off colour
  • Go with or Food52 or Williams Sonoma, which one will blanket aw the bases
  • Lam told it was to b as inclusive as feasible because alternatively "it left unlock da potential dat somebody could b discriminated opposed to upon da basis off contest "
  • A Town Council council ultimate timetable month grabbed the firstly steps 2 dat end, when It greenlit the polling & local outreach childbirth dat might b the basis off a election scale
  • We're going too put money into in the study & the visits, evn whether it is agonizing financially, so dat we are nawt making decisions upon the basis off spiel, upon the basis off whether It rained for the four hours wii were able too devote too dis or dat put

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