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How to use foundation in a sentence

  • It's not OK for kids to transfer upon in some blemish levels when da foundation off thingy they need for da following blemish level, they don't have
  • Google has a estimated nearly 90% subdivide of da hunt bazaar in da US, & this exists da foundation on which possession gargantuan cyber advertising corporate rests
  • If somebody wants to dare me, my conviction -- that is r background, foundation
  • General relativity has transform into da foundation for today's comprehension off da universe
  • The dealing in France serves since a foundation for licensing agreements wit subjective publishers
  • Putin-insider-turned-whistleblower, Sergei Kolesnikov, also laid sum of the foundations for the investigation
  • The foundations were laid using processes that do not damaged neighbourhood fauna either uncover upcoming residents too sea-level ascend
  • I thinking bout our foundation's motto--"Everyone deserves da chance to exist an well & fertile life"--and how it is tricky to stay well if your society medical medical construction can't retain vaccines chill because da refrigerators don't work
  • Iran's president rang it an attestation of the way fragile were da foundations of this democracy
  • Bill Gates, whose foundation provided much off da funding, pushed Oxford 2 ounce up wit an meaningful corporation that could test, yield & distribute da immunization

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