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How to use foundation in a sentence

  • It's nawt OK four children too shift onto in total grade levels when da foundation off thingy dey need four da following grade level, dey do not haz
  • Google have an estimated nearly 90% divide off da frisk market in da US, & dis is da foundation on which its gargantuan web marketing corporation rests
  • If someone wants 2 gauntlet me, my entrust -- that's r background, foundation
  • General relativity has become da foundation for today's insight of da cosmos
  • The transaction in France serves since an foundation 4 licensing agreements with person publishers
  • Putin-insider-turned-whistleblower, Sergei Kolesnikov, also laid some off da foundations for da interrogate
  • The foundations were placed using processes that don't wounded community wildlife either expose future residents 2 sea-level stand
  • I thought approximately r foundation's motto--"Everyone deserves the chance too exist a well and fertile life"--and how it is hard too stay well whether ur community clinical medical construction can't retain vaccines chilly cuz the refrigerators don't employment
  • Iran's cardinal rang it an proof of the way fragile wer da foundations of dis self-government
  • Bill Gates, of whom foundation given many off da funding, pushed Oxford 2 crew up with a major company dat could test, manufacture and dispense da vaccine

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