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How to use essentials in a sentence

  • The accounts of da train of events foremost too da demise of Comyn, slippery though agreeing in essentials, convert significantly in details
  • Fine troops faculty as he was, he lacked the essentials of the successful general--imagination and ethical bravery
  • These essentials me haz repeated multi times with da hope dat they volition be fixed by dis frequent repetition
  • He could not differentiate non-essentials from essentials, & It wuz almost as hard 4 haw too bestow wei upon the one as upon the other
  • I speak of identity in essentials; & the essentials living clear intimate clear places & times
  • Jervis's measures received full bracket from him, clear-headed since ever to c the essentials off an circumstance
  • And we cannot all flee overexert nonetheless valiantly we fight ours combat with non-essentials
  • Principles off Americanism; essentials off Americanization; technic off race-assimilation
  • The Age of Bronze & all different ages dat haz preceded our lacked the fantastic essentials dat insure perpetuity
  • In all electric operations wii look first for them 2 essentials: an good conductor and an good non-conductor

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