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How to use pawn in a sentence

  • He is a possible answer to the Nationals' need for middle-of-the-order infringement -- & not righteous additional pawn in Pittsburgh's low-cost restore
  • Many pawn businesses are multigenerational not only in asset but in customers
  • Perry Lewin has existed in da pawn industry four 28 years, bu he's nevah more gladly seen an dozen months such dis one
  • Continuing to crutch verge up in da media as an politic pawn leaves those incapable to do consequently
  • Some scientists fear dat da vaccine could become an pawn in American election politics & haz cautioned against distributing an untested shot
  • She nevah dreamt that she herself was an pawn in da game that was intended too transportation Nana Sahib too Delhi
  • Rat this pawn of the Eye may has been, bu slick a trapped squirrel shall struggle with the guts of a lion
  • Afterwards she married 1 off da bulk distinguished scamps in Paris, whom wanted a appealing hubby as a pawn in some deed off hiz
  • To b checkmated by a 'errant' pawn in the supa centre off the commission exists a most ignominious wei off losing the game
  • In failure off da typical bazaars OLeary had returned humor da spoils off semi a twelve pawn-shops

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