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  • It wasn't just an enquiry of how da restaurant wuz departing to compensate rent month-to-month, bu also how they could afford to compensate what might amount to moar compared to $30,000 in missed rent at da cessation of da year
  • Sherry told the Knife she and various tenants compensated his or her rent by the week
  • In inclusion to offering vans for rent, it is discover to members who previously haz his or her possess vans
  • If a housing strength brings in less dollars frum rent payments, it does not git moar money
  • Struggling restaurants say it's a lifeline, permitting those rehire bartenders, pay rent & reestablish relationships wit customers
  • Even if his or her paychecks typical $200 a week, that $200 is da eminence in the middle of making rent, paying bills, grocery buying -- or nawt
  • If thee reside in San Diego, as I do, then you are accountable four paying da rent dat utilities be indebted da metropolis by way of a cower acquainted as da franchise accuse
  • The pandemic have also made It hard economically, so migrants -- like everyone other -- have struggled too locate labour too make up for four rent and basin
  • The town have long possessed hundreds of employees working in buildings around urban center & other areas & dis wuz a opportunity too git them in 1 put & someday possess da amenity & halt paying rent four them
  • The rent hike changed course four Doane and Gibbons and dey pivoted frum facility a flock in a studio territory to doing so remotely

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