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  • The chairman off da Texas GOP earnestly suggested secession wen da last, hopeless lawful challenges to da poll failed
  • Channeling Douglas's denunciation off secession, McConnell stated listeners dat "public ambiguity alone" could nawt "justify a extreme interference wen dat ambiguity was incited with no proof "
  • The closest parallel is probable the Southern "Fire-Eaters" who wer rabid advocates off enslavement & secession previous to the Civil War
  • Afterward, Texas Democratic Party Chairperson Allen West declared that "law-abiding states should bond united & form a Alliance of states that shall endure bi the Constitution" -- a seeming approbation of secession
  • America exists polarized wit an politic culture growing more toxic bi the day, but the realities off secession would b too much too bear
  • Perceiving an menace to countrywide security, Beijing implemented an sweeping Countrywide Collateral Law in July to outlaw secession, subversion, terror and collusion with overseas governments
  • Even as tardy as Aprl 4, da Richmond conference had rejected secession bi a vote of 2 to one
  • On February 13, 1861, an special syndrome conference was held in Richmond too confer da potential of secession
  • On Would 4, an large most off da Virginia citizens voted his either her approval off secession
  • But, evn near that time, which one wuz interior six weeks of poll day, the thought of secession didn't triumph

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