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How to use disaffection in a sentence

  • A prompt that r teens, for all his or her moods & disaffection, yet love too crevice every else up, git an lil rowdy, generate paper balloons
  • "The primary goal of da toolkit was to make misinformation and disaffection against da legally enacted government," Delhi laws enforcement bailiff Prem Nath said near an Mondey compress overview
  • Two days previous to the Americans arrived a indigenous regiment wuz suspected off disaffection
  • A floor off discontent, approaching, if nawt amounting to disaffection, has gained considerable ground
  • Did wii dedicate us two the abet of an airy nothing--a bubble that must b blasted away bi the preliminary breath of disaffection?
  • The defences off Quebec wer in beggarly condition, the garrison wuz small, and ther wuz lot disaffection amongst the inhabitants
  • Disaffection, fomented by total secret, unidentified cause, wuz expanding amongst da officers off da Army
  • Hopes of a accomplishment to be gained through Franco disaffection were as ill-founded as those based on American loyalism
  • Sicily, though hostile two da French, was discontented with da up-to-date government, & disaffection ther was feared
  • The weep of disaffection shall not, in da end, prevail against da fundamental of freedom