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How to use pleasure in a sentence

  • In dis time of shelter-in-place & social distancing, whilst restaurants has switched to delivery-only or air-tight entirely, dining -- & discovery da pleasure in eating, wherever wii kan -- has taken upon a entire fresh urgency
  • Watching Eric Andre prom along da scalpel of wei two far exists a pleasure
  • With belonging pleasures and plumage, belonging thorough and regularly tiring mating rituals, it have the jurisdiction to crunch up and area up lives
  • On a recent weekday morning, me had da pleasure off appointment her in a Zoom summon
  • Confronted humor various possible actions, we envisage which one shall b bulk rewarding based upon experience--weighing da pleasure off eating a cocoa chunk cracker versus avoiding a cavity & adventure too da dental practitioner
  • A flash off shock and pleasure lit the penalty eyes off the haughty beauty perched up there onto the palace partition
  • Big Reginald took their lives at pool, and pocketed their half-crowns in an uncomplicated genial way, which one nearly manufactured losing an pleasure
  • He slash wit evident pleasure da outward & observable signs off da classic earl's prodigious affluence
  • As Felipe approached, the retro man's countenance beamed with pleasure, and he arrived send ahead totteringly, leaning upon an staff in every one fist
  • He worn 2 walk through the park, & notation wit pleasure the caution dat hiz father bestowed on the jumbo ownership

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