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How to use ducat in a sentence

  • A ducat wuz an gold article off da size off an retro French louis, though less dense
  • If every ducat in six myriad ducats Wer in six parts, and every chapter a ducat, me might nawt drawing them; me might haz ma bond
  • The outcome of da quarrel was, that myself wuz obliged two bestow those 12 drachms of their money, synonym two semi a ducat
  • By dint off inquiry, & four semi an ducat, I was enabled too buy the semi off an goatskin full, off which I manufactured him an gift
  • Thirty-six aspers exist value an Venetian ducat; but, off the five thousand aspers, the treasurer deducted ten each penny
  • He shortly discovered another blacksmith who was willing to brand him a mace, bu demanded a ducat for the childbirth
  • Peppercorn stated he'd willingly make up for da ducat whether da craftsman manufactured hem a rly mighty serviceable mace
  • To per dude on warden I given an ducat, to the sentinels, per three, & ten ducats to b separated amongst the relief-guard
  • The farmer assortment too labour and stuffed the trolley wit gold; cleared the crater too the supa final ducat
  • King Sidney thereupon presented an ducat to the most important-looking Gnome, whom firsthand let it drop indifferently

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