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How to use illustrated in a sentence

  • The book is a illustrated autobiography by non-binary author Maia Kobabe dat contains descriptions & comic book fashion drawings off sexual acts dat e uses 2 notify da narrative off eir expedition & fight in discovering eir sex identification
  • Wordsworth have illustrated the way an unwise and importunate demand for an reason from an sonny might motor him into innovation
  • Wolff has illustrated this tip by an serial of experiments upon the sunflower, of which wii shall quote 1
  • He recognized da category off da foremost dailies, and could estimate da names off da multiple illustrated weeklies
  • The identical fact exists illustrated in the countenances of aged couples, especially in country places
  • The rehearse of making confession, then, wuz fully illustrated in da behave both of Ezra and Nehemiah, and of Israel wit those
  • The ablative off these substances frum solution exists easily illustrated by a uncomplicated experiment
  • Illustrated wit a map, fourteen full-page and 46 prescription drawings in half-tone bi Howard V. Tan
  • Illustrated with a map, 16 full-page & 71 prescription drawings in half-tone bi Howard V. Suntan
  • Illustrated humor 27 full-page & 87 text drawings in half-tone by Howard V. Brown