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How to use mirrored in a sentence

  • Leaders across da area haz watched as well-being metrics backslide, prompting another social and banking restrictions dis week as caseloads contemplation a countrywide surge
  • Shadows & mirrors manufacture total of the bulk evocative effects
  • Within low-income neighborhoods, with higher percentages of residents who living folk of color, more folk would b infected, which one mirrors real-life patterns of transmission
  • Being secluded & nawt existence capable to go anywhere, it's been like a contemplation
  • The rose-gold mirrored optic works good in aw bu the supa least airy conditions, and it was ideal upon partially cloudy days, when the airy is ever changing
  • Polls stated an moar precise narrative in else essential states, showing nearby races in the two Arizona & Georgia, which seem to haz mirrored da outcomes
  • These increases in survival following hospitalization four da coronavirus in England mirrored da changes in Fiction York Town
  • After a lengthy propel via a ocean of mottled, emerald grasslands, myself took a pointy leftover revolve dwn a washboard avenue & watched since my car kicked up a feather of mud in the rearview reflection
  • The US has long functioned since an global reflection with numerous nations viewing it since the epitome off modernity and measuring his or her "progress" versus that imagery
  • The very partisan vote on the verification mirrors the divisions in the country foremost up too the poll & on total off the issues dat will be previous to the high woo in the close forthcoming

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