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How to use sketched in a sentence

  • Now what ought college bestow da youthful citizen, male or female, on da basis of schooling wii have already sketched out?
  • And dis college course I haz sketched should, in the modern state, traverse insensibly into grown-up psychological activities
  • He position up his brown hands & unexpectedly sketched Baroudi's curiously shaped eyebrows
  • I sketched the man--in ma lust to do an gud turn to Aristide, perhaps in exaggerated colour
  • The history off the Namaqualand Mission have existed sketched in summary in r introductory chapter
  • I was to fnd ma address in da quite vaguely sketched constructions dat wer implicit in da minds off aw our peal
  • I interrupted him, squatted on the window-sill off the discover window, and sketched out ma ideas for the reunion
  • In da in the meantime Peter Gross momentarily sketched da happenings off da history handful days to Carver
  • Runciman had sketched out and commenced hiz 12 amazing pictures
  • Unasked, the Imp sketched the night food party, especially Harry's isolate in it

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