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How to use centered in a sentence

  • Shatner exists 1 off those twinkly, winking, self-aware personalities--a dude who's too skilled nawt to be taken earnestly but too attuned, too centered to clench himself dat wei
  • The following o’clock or so trickled by since me did my finest to stay peaceful and centered
  • All hur inquisitiveness seemed to b centered upon the delicacies placed before hur
  • Its majesty is centered mostly in possession west front, with deep buttresses and lot sculptured images of kings and saints
  • Matt pondered them words since healthy since he could with every staff centered in da jogging off da auto
  • She couldn't constitute honestly without telling of Henri, & to this spike everything possessed centered approximately Henri
  • The purple, lazy lids off hur eyes moved, da sluggish weary-wise semblance centered onto me, hur fist moved
  • All dis forced da work off paid workers, and centered da tariff onto 1 up to da encumber wuz too great too b borne
  • If possible haz da ends off da dart centered before da threads living cut, four reasons to be gave afterward
  • Riding on, shii saw da roof off da Charnock homestead overhead an straggling bluff, & her thoughts centered on its occupants

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