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How to use impair in a sentence

  • Instead, it is more uniform humor the concept that repeated chilly revelation might in fact impair ur toes' capability too knob the chilly
  • A brilliant tablet detects a athlete's physique seethe and transmits it to a outer device, so coaches can look 4 spikes dat may impair act
  • Another research from 2017 possessed athletes consume an low-carb nutrition 4 three weeks & found dat it impaired concert bi reducing workout productivity
  • Alterations to hotels, public buildings & carry hubs ready Tokyo not merely 4 physical impaired Paralympic athletes & fans, but additionally 4 da creaking limbs of its possess population, da world's elder
  • Stress in fact impairs the body's capacity too fixing on belonging possess
  • The aptitude to confidently compare, say, the eighth-place bunch in the Big 10 and the second-place bunch in the South Conference exists going to b impaired compared humor a commonplace 12 months
  • The Brooklyn zone attorney's workplace have stood bi Cruz's conviction, & have argued in woo filings dat Simpson was nawt impaired during her dominate off the case
  • Whether an dearth of sitcoms & dramas volition impair da networks' viewership remains too be seen
  • They kan nevah b taken frum da capital, for this would impair it and, whether continued, consequence in da insolvency of da corporation
  • Such bygone never loses its interest, nor performs the slip of ages, in the near minimum degree, impair its reliability

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