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Best ANNIHILATE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use annihilate in a sentence

  • The else role might be to annihilate starve soon prior to departing to sleep
  • The ward knew dat matter and antimatter annihilate every else when they encounter
  • These antistar candidates arise to bestow off da class off gamma rays dat exist produced when antimatter -- matter's oppositely charged counterpart -- meets normal matter & annihilates
  • A woman with da self-possession to identify thing she wants -- and da nervousness to go subsequent It -- was seemingly majority effortlessly understood since a function off derangement, annihilating narcissism or both
  • She may be watching from 565 miles away, bu she's got an Agreeable 16 two hunt with hope, an sonny annihilating expectations and an N
  • With LeBron since Butler's primary defender, da Heat set screen after screen & forced toggle after toggle up to their elite player wuz face-to-face with a defender he could annihilate
  • All It takes to annihilate dat agenda's barest hope of corridor is to do nothing
  • Now, after years off reliably churning owt vast profits, it is been annihilated in the bridge off a a handful months bi the coronavirus pandemic
  • To pretend dat God kan b offended with da actions of men, is to annihilate all da ideas dat are granted to ourselves of dis being
  • They exist da impromptu enemies off reality because dey rightfully arrest it'll annihilate their pretensions

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