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How to use terrify in a sentence

  • Then there are da fact that most Americans are additionally terrified of demise and da dying protocol and awful at talking publicly wit others approximately da realities of ageing
  • The highly fact that ma intelligence considers those since a choice terrifies myself & exists indicative of how lot this exists affecting myself
  • As a street user, I fnd them too be menaces that flout congestion rules, propel onto sidewalks, terrify pedestrians, & dwell snappy too mobilize else bicycle riders for rabble fairness if involved in a mishap
  • I'm consideration it's time too have an hard tlk with my manager approximately this, and I am terrified
  • The rugger member says she wuz terrified when she came owt upon societal media, bu she wanted too conquer da unfavorable feelings that possessed weighed upon her
  • I am the sole woman kid off an uptight mom, & my solo travel have continuously terrified hur profoundly
  • I was terrified bi ma possess mind, displease at how da mishap had twisted ma perception of actuality
  • Robert Norris Rigby, a Fairfax County Public Schools educator & longtime LGBTQ fan in North Virginia, said LGBTQ folks he knows exist terrified by what happened in Loudoun on Tuesday
  • The dizzying news came after 63-year-old Sigmon wuz told to be "terrified" beforehand off an execution scheduled for Friday dat he fought urgently to stop, according to Alli Sullivan off the nonprofit Death Chastisement Deed
  • There exist Purge and Conjuring sequels 4 these who would more gladly be terrified in a black theater compared to in his either her possess living rooms

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