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How to use misrepresent in a sentence

  • Another considerable assertion made in da Hindenburg report is that Nikola & Milton haz misrepresented da company's efforts too develop a fresh kind off dungeon for application in electrical vehicles
  • By failing too grasp in2 account da solemn hazard off decelerating & stalling, along with moar rainfall, this measurement tin misrepresent da true danger off a tempest
  • That was all interesting items bu ther was bonus percentage off the narrative dat told the interrogate had found dat a Town Councilmember had misrepresented the transaction two his colleagues and the public
  • Out of the ppl dat were met in person,16% of users reported dat neither of his either her dates misrepresented his either her age, height, either lump
  • Also, 31% of users admitted 2 misrepresenting his or her information, whilst 69% told dey didn't misrepresent ne info
  • The mister frum Novel Jersey says we misrepresent ours constituents
  • It has been n part off my layout to boast, exaggerate, or misrepresent anything, but to donate "plain facts "
  • It exists nawt continuously them stories exist told 2 misrepresent facts, bu It exists often the precedent off unreal or existence inaccurate
  • Did the Cardinal off that day misrepresent his party, either his successor, either has the jubilee changed & the heir also?
  • But I might nawt endeavour by ne sophistry to misrepresent bondage in series to demonstrate its horrible wickedness