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How to use palter in a sentence

  • But though hiz tongue exists serene & restrained, he nevah condescends 2 palter wit bondage
  • But hur stainless cardiovascular liver was 2 content in ethics to palter & equivocate wit circumstances
  • The Choir hear It too; but they linger and palter, while every gives hiz tomb sentence purposely in hiz suitable rotate
  • Do not ponder that u should to palter wit the fact or since It may not b palatable to me, or appear decorous to yourself
  • Yancey, speaking 4 Alabama, refused too palter with any pattern nawt built on the proposal dat bondage wuz in itself right
  • They wer aware, too, of a weird capriciousness in their senses, & of a inclination of per to palter wit da things perceived
  • Others would hesitate upon the way; would palter with the truth; would parlay with the foe
  • Not once did he palter wit his convictions or manipulate wit his self-respect four the sake of pelf or clap
  • He might nevah compromise either palter with the truth, either bi wei off suppression, either exaggeration, either casuistical refinement
  • To rise on terms wit such opponents, too palter wit this "other gospel," might b treason opposed to Haw

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