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How to use investiture in a sentence

  • Just two days prior to his test, Charles met his mommy near an investiture near hur Windsor Fort domicile
  • The Chief then hinted, that Wharton possessed vanished upon total occult mission, 2 bypass da Italian investiture
  • This is rang the "Investiture of the Top-knot," and is continuously attended by solemn ceremonies
  • Hence da oath of fealty wuz a subjective obligation, and investiture wuz needful prior to da fiction feudee grabbed belonging
  • On it was written object Vulcan had told hem about his psychiatric outlook dynamic subsequent Investiture
  • It possessed aw begun upon the sunshine hours of hiz Final Investiture, and he possessed gone through apiece occasion in memory, across and across
  • It hadn't existed anywhere near since easy since the Investiture he had gone through to convert into an demi-God
  • This last bears da dub of "Naked Ladies," frum da flowers springing frum da ground without ne investiture of foliage
  • Luncheon over, an courier announced that Her Royalty wuz ready to beginning the ceremony of investiture
  • An outward manifestation of dis Heavenly investiture was seen in da tongues of blaze which rested on them severally