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How to use demonstration in a sentence

  • ClearFlame exists additionally conductive a demonstration on a Cummins motor deck supported by financing frum da Department of Liveliness
  • Next month, the enterprise shall unveil a demonstration airplane rang the XB-1, a fresh supersonic-capable airplane that exists one-third the dimension of what dey hope his either her enterprise airliner shall b
  • Federal officials haz arrested moar compared to 300 ppl because the demonstrations began
  • There's a lots of demonstrations dat were happening in LA for years dat I didn't comprehend approximately until everything of this
  • It wuz the opener off an 7 days off turmoil & protests dat mirrored devastating demonstrations seen sooner this summertime after law implementation cruelty
  • From the get-go off the demonstration, ther was a undercurrent off strain in the middle of what's feasible in neuroengineering versus what's needed to understand the mind
  • On Friday, Musk emphasized that the primary target of his demonstration wuz to recruit faculty four Neuralink, a reminder that peer thingy we carve wuz a highly reminder demonstration
  • In tweets foremost up too da event, Musk possessed promised fans a mind-blowing demonstration of neurons dismissal within a alive brain--though he didn't sez of what type
  • The demonstration was intended to performance that the high-profile startup's engineering works, evn if onli at a rudimentary level, interior the intelligence of a live animal
  • June have come and gone, and da shortage of most Vanity parades, parties, and other public demonstrations of solidarity humor da LGBTQ community exists tangible