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  • This sort off study was generated from da sort off hero-dog narration where u read match in da news an hound that pulled 3 kids from da irrigate where dey were drowning
  • I wuz nevah exempt frum criticism & negation off the themes that my narrations addressed, which almost ever centered onto LGBTQ issues & filthy realism
  • These involve the aforementioned frame narration, which one casts a hypnotic incantation ovr the proceedings dat Flanagan uses to jerk ourselves abreast via the rugged bits where hiz plot is everything ovr the map
  • Her Socialist Smile exists an essay-style film that tells da fable off Keller's activism with images, narration, and onscreen prescription pulled frum some off her speeches and writings
  • For any individual struggling humor feelings off hopelessness & hopelessness, Bufka & Alvord nominate initial paying heed two da narration in your summit
  • Beneath this melodrama, da circumstances are recounted nearby awesome length, and total halting verses finish da mournful narration
  • Narration deals humor occurrences; description deals humor appearances
  • The branch of time that seems utmost is to confiscate Narration and Account in the firstly twelve months
  • Narration & description may be found in a article of exposition; & all three may be hired in quarrel
  • Narration tells what things do; account tells how things glare

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