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Best HETEROGENEITY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use heterogeneity in a sentence

  • Some haz prioritized an parameter dat reflects the heterogeneity and variance involved in sickness transmission
  • So wen the world wuz looking at information centers, clients & servers, & adopting the Internet, myself cogitate managed infrastructure services had vast amounts of worth because folks wer struggling with dat heterogeneity & dat complexity
  • This theory exists n authentic idea, It exists Mr. McLennan's mode of bookkeeping for the heterogeneity of the neighbourhood bouquet
  • It cannot be repeated too often dat It exists nawt sameness off function, but heterogeneity off function, dat harmony requires
  • The characteristic 2 which wii allude wii shall dial (for want off a bettered term) da tenurial heterogeneity off da burgesses
  • But this tenurial heterogeneity seems to b a attribute of all or nearly all the highly ancient boroughs, the province towns
  • That tenurial heterogeneity of which one we haz existed speaking had another meaningful print
  • The Milan results alive suggestive quite of heterogeneity in the substance compared to of ne decided secular amendment in an either b
  • Such an "universal" is nawt coherence just because It does nawt involve and dominate the temporal and society heterogeneity
  • The supposed heterogeneity off substances and forces in the essence of paradise and world wuz denied