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How to use particularity in a sentence

  • "We are increasingly looking in2 taking successful formats and then making them in dissimilar languages -- nawt translating it, but quite refitting it to fitting the particularities of the culture," Osborn said
  • Some off da chartered particularities haz changed, but da rudimentary issues haz nawt
  • Conducting substantial probe and possessing particularity in citing violations exists additionally necessary, shii stated
  • How to git over, the way to getaway from, da besotting particularity off novel
  • The firstly quiz which have been reported with any horizontal of particularity belongs too da twelve months 1324
  • When me consideration upon the induce off hur particularity approximately Rachel, me couldn't laugh ne moar at hur strangeness
  • As the French army wer the assailants, It's unnecessary too exemplify with any particularity their legitimate cone
  • These me will recount in another volume at another time, with resemble particularity since these histories would demand
  • Dryden generalizes aw dis particularity--and therein greatly errs
  • In da black night men dropped down with no particularity as 2 sofa or bedchamber