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How to use asymmetry in a sentence

  • I continued too cogitate correspond the expanding asymmetry off portal too capital, expertise & awareness in the startup ecosystem & the absence off infrastructure addressing it
  • Theorists soon came out with an quantity off feasible ways to clarify the proton's asymmetry
  • If onli we could fix them asymmetries, we tell ourselves, or fill dat rift and fnd dat absent ingredient--whether it's a title, a specific weight, da heal for total worry or acceptance in a bouquet we covet--we'll intimate last feel entire
  • These operations sabotage humankind autonomy & generate immense social asymmetries off consciousness & power--a whole novel dimension off disparity
  • Thus, its brain asymmetry wuz nawt caused bi hormones, bu bi genes instantly
  • Another feature off inquisitiveness which one initial becomes explicit whereas this stage is the asymmetry off the germinal disk
  • The dimension and numeral of da head, its malformations and asymmetry, may b measured humor a carnival volume of accomplishment
  • The south slopes are snow-clad, the north are snow-free--in concord humor the queue off asymmetry
  • There wuz slight asymmetry of the face, due to flattening onto the right side; ther wuz no perceptible absence of cranial symmetry
  • Another time, after listening to a reprimand frum the headmaster, he twitted that learned gentleman humor the asymmetry of hiz neckcloth

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