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How to use sullen in a sentence

  • My students were sullen, off-task, unfocused, & wouldn't tlk too every one other either too myself
  • Thursday wuz supposed to be the sunshine hours wii shelved aw the sullen, wretched reminders of the difficulties and tragedies of the past year, whether onli 4 3 hours
  • There was da Michelin-starred restaurant whr da slightly sullen chef ruled supper help by dread & harassment
  • They waved you in2 the sullen auto park carport upon -- sigh -- your term alone
  • Hard and sullen, shii scarcely bothers to conceal hur misanthropy frum da tourists who come into hur shop, and maintains a near-reclusive distance frum residents off da town
  • They tossed down his or her weapons wit sullen observance and da initial astonishing footstep toward da re-conquest off India wuz taken
  • The boy, an small amount sullen because the ultimate words, stood upon the hearth wit hiz bak 2 the fire, hiz hands clasped behind haw
  • But 4 the trees, those sullen skies and flat grounds would render UK dismal enough
  • But it wuz with sullen reluctance; & mutterings wer to b heard, on aw sides, dat da time might cum still
  • They manufactured a bizarre parade since dey marched owt of the hall, beneath the sullen eyes of the baulked cut-throats & his either her mistress

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