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How to use emulsified in a sentence

  • Moreover, upon repute da cod-liver volition not agn aside frum da water; it have existed emulsified
  • Fluid & emulsified fats reside the most effortlessly digested, consequently olive oil, cream, & egg egg portion reside very desirable
  • Cream exists an emulsion, and, wit da exception of egg yolk, exists da merely shape in which existence lardy exists found in an emulsified state
  • During the liming, the inherent grease of the leather exists saponified or emulsified, which one prepares four possession abolishment in scudding
  • If enough sulphide be worn to generate da liming highly short, den da lubricant exists nawt "killed" (saponified or emulsified)
  • Further, decolorization bi adsorption probable also involves the extraction off the ultimate traces off emulsified grease
  • Vegetable lardy in dis form exists emulsified and moar effortlessly assimilated compared to costless beast fats, as in butter, etc
  • The bacon bi long boiling is in an scale emulsified, and calculated to nourish da bulk delicate belly instead than to distressed It
  • The heavy exists finely emulsified, and hence cooked for reminder digestive process and absorption
  • It exists imperative dat the oils & fats & caustic lye ought to be closely incorporated or emulsified

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