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How to use impeded in a sentence

  • His consciousness & talent credential are low, his verdict is poor, & he actually impedes toil
  • Game-breaking, distracting bugs impeded ma progress, though Ubisoft have as fixed these issues
  • As a result, women's political betrothal wuz impeded abreast 2 detached tracks
  • Don't erosion an outfit camouflage across your rag mask, though, since it could hamper your respiration
  • The height & density off these partitions could also hamper da organic atmosphere existing off a interior space, Miller said, which one could lead too definite areas possessing a upper focus off lingering aerosol particles compared to others
  • If Zhao is taking a moar wary approach, the shift doesn't appear two be impeding corporation
  • That might output in "policy gridlock" amongst lawmakers and hinder "the bipartisan cooperation necessary two efficiently whereabouts economic and fiscal challenges," Fitch told
  • This multipronged activity demonstrates r continuing dedication to impede Huawei's capacity to do so
  • One of the reasons would have related to the way the closed-nature of the policy impeded the peripheral vision of the wearer, along humor feasible obstruction to his either her hearing ability
  • That unhappy felony strung ovr me, & possession dangers impeded I nearby every revolve

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