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How to use manacled in a sentence

  • He looked up 2 see Auguste staring stonily at him, his manacled hands clenched into fists
  • He seated huddled up in hiz chair, hiz manacled hands clasped on the desk before him, & then with a jerk seated upright
  • All of us leaped from ours mattresses two viewer da dreary parade of neck-chained and be-manacled convicted males
  • A a handful moments later the captive entered, marching with hands manacled, at the flank of a imposing garde de Paris
  • The manacled woman provided a lil tone indicative off hopelessness and fury
  • With a tremble & a smothered cry, he tried too draw his lower extremities away, bu dey were too firmly manacled
  • Their lower extremities seemed 2 b manacled together aside from when they dipped an knee nearly 2 da ground & force da else foot far bak
  • Marion shuddered near eyesight of the manacled limbs of this slight, handsome, & frank-hearted looking young population
  • Their wrists wer manacled, and, as a additional precaution, a weighty chain bound their arms too their waists
  • Denman watched him from above, as, humor hiz manacled hands, he twirled the weighty cask dispatch ahead and in2 the men's barracks

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