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How to use decreased in a sentence

  • Uric acid is decreased before an assail off gout & increased afterward, bu its etiologic relationship is still uncertain
  • Red corpuscles and hemoglobin exist commonly decreased together, though usually nawt too da ditto mileage
  • (b) In latter anemia plaques exist ordinarily increased, though occasionally decreased
  • (c) They are decreased in chronic lymphatic leukemia, and greatly increased in the myelogenous shape
  • In the former It's generally much decreased; in the latter, generally much increased
  • As in pernicious anemia, da leukocytes alive commonplace either decreased in number, humor a uncle augment off lymphocytes
  • The temperature had by this time highly perceptibly decreased in warmth, the diamond regularly repute no upper than 59? either 63? Fah
  • It testament be observed dat humor the boost off coprah shipment, the export off cocoanut-oil have decreased
  • Ethel and Norman came up next breakfast, his either her antipathy bi no method decreased bi further acquaintance
  • Family members had been decreased in number, & nausea & starvation circumstances wer pervasive throughout da rank

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