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How to use confederated in a sentence

  • Various communities may b confederated united in 1 serious Covenant with gawd
  • Here exists an great confession for which da whole confederated nineteenth hundred years shall not brand myself flush
  • This perception is, me think, confirmed by the log provided off the defeat off the kings that were confederated versus Gibeon
  • The national regime founded in 1789 had two fight the secessionist efforts off the confederated slave-holding states
  • The Greek churches were off the personality off confederated republics; the Latin Chapel instinctively tended to monarchy
  • To protect against a conspiracy, I would properly term it--against da lawless brutality off confederated associations, a extensive ownership
  • Which still is imputed 2 da midwives, because they confederated humor them, & postponed 2 dat abortion
  • Whether or nawt every gang wuz confederated we live nawt informed
  • History have shown that Confederated States represent a organisation which in the long operate gives supa lil gratification
  • No sentinels inhabit placed upon the walls since the general peace with the confederated tribes off Indians