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How to use confederated in a sentence

  • Various communities may be confederated united in 1 serious Covenant humor God
  • Here is a great entry 4 which the entire confederated nineteenth century testament not generate me flush
  • This outlook is, me think, confirmed bi the account gave of the loss of the kings dat wer confederated against Gibeon
  • The federal mechanism established in 1789 possessed two flounder da secessionist efforts of da confederated slave-holding states
  • The Hellenic churches were off da personality off confederated republics; da Latin Cathedral instinctively tended 2 kingdom
  • To fend against a conspiracy, I may accurately word it--against da lawless violence of confederated associations, a giant estate
  • Which yet is imputed too the midwives, cuz they confederated humor them, & postponed too dat termination
  • Whether or not every one crew was confederated wii are not informed
  • History has shown dat Confederated States illustrate a organisation which in the lengthy jog gives very lil satisfaction
  • No sentinels exist laid upon the walls because the general peace with the confederated tribes of Indians