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How to use conjunctive in a sentence

  • The conjunctive fundamental lies concealed in every one wedge of da male, & in every one wedge of da female, 37, 46
  • Marriages interiorly conjunctive tin barely be entered in2 in the world, the motive why, 320, 49
  • The symptom of the conditional is ?e or ?; dat of the conjunctive ?e or ?
  • Was exists defective, except in the prterite tense, whr it exists found the two in the indicative & conjunctive
  • Such, however, exists nawt the case: byst in Anglo-Saxon exists indicative, the conjunctive shape beast be
  • Conjunctive adverbs may be obviously distinguished frum uncomplicated conjunctions (See 91a)
  • The conjunctive exists the two in the introduce and preterites, lyke the optatyve
  • Ten minutes subsequent the injection It was falsehood relaxed, respiration & cardiovascular physique portion normal, conjunctive automatic response present
  • Pronouns formerly proprietary as da twofold or conjunctive object, regularly come before da verb, but they stalk da gerund and specific else forms
  • If wherever ther were more utter unions, they could merely uncover themselves to us by fair resemble conjunctive results