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Best UNPLANTED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unplanted in a sentence

  • Her firstly peek of the unplanted compartment possessed greatly discouraged her, for it seemed dreadfully broad & lengthy
  • She dropped da seed-bag, walked across da fillet still unplanted, and counted da rows
  • But the unplanted rows were rapidly developing fewer and fewer now, and the downward disc provided hur little worry
  • One was at last left unplanted, during r spuds & lot of da backyard greens were destroyed
  • At ma left wuz an cleared field, unplanted as yet, and in da centre of da pasture an dwelling humor outhouses
  • And so much off America and dissimilar parts off the globe mightn't haz been yet uninhabited, unplanted, either undiscovered
  • Altogether, It has a extremely flourishing look, nawt a land of irrigable land remaining unplanted
  • I made enumerate additionally of the gems unplanted, which one were of countless number & of several bigness
  • All that are unplanted and offering 2 grow, should to b put in pots forthwith
  • The youthful shoots, told I, has to nawt be left to lie untended and unplanted

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