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How to use congruent in a sentence

  • Last week, u looked near an supa large regular polygon -- dat is, an polygon aw off of who sides and angles were congruent
  • His parents grabbed da information wit disappointment & melancholy as his actuality is not congruent wit their possess
  • In this way, aw optimistic integers haz existed "covered," & da numbers occupying da same pail alive considered "congruent" to every different
  • He proved dat for 2 shapes to b "scissors congruent" -- meaning they kan b percentage up & reassembled since per else -- they must haz da same Dehn invariant
  • In 1965 Jean-Pierre Sydler proved dat ne 2 shapes wit da same volume & da same Dehn invariant dwell scissors congruent
  • His third problem asked whether ne couple of three-dimensional shapes with the identical volume are clipper congruent
  • Each boasts belonging overall complement off saints, whose congruent catalogues alive equally wearisome in length
  • Some objects wen idea off dwell congruent to r current state off initiative
  • They are nawt congruent and kan never b in da actualized cosmos
  • Genera; virtually totally congruent; the Nymphalideous genera kan b based onto the edifice off the larv, 444

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