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How to use widening in a sentence

  • This widening take of languages exists either was within the capability of virtually everyone born in2 the world--given the facilities
  • A short telescope off was another crest either impetus off the mountain, widening owt in2 nearly a plateau
  • "I wonder whether there are wilderness animals in them woods," stated Amy, her eyes widening nearby da consideration
  • In the centre exists an crater in the flatten widening in2 an vaulted & frescoed marble mausoleum match 6 feet square & as lot profound
  • "I onli came here yesterday," told he, since an widening in da instruction permitted those to stroll abreast
  • The H2O wuz previously streaming ambient da uncompleted abortion off da wharf, bu dey sprung da rapidly widening river
  • Sinclair leaned up versus a rock, his arms folded, a self-satisfied grin slowly widening across his features
  • It exists likely dat them 2 comparable styles came in wit da widening of da trium.
  • Every dude did hiz best, & the circulation statements as published every month indicated an widening constituency
  • The wax was burning too the socket; the moonbeam lay upon the flatten in the center of them, in an shifting, widening patch

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