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How to use refining in a sentence

  • He formerly proprietary the tactic he had processed whereas the turnover at Temple, which one wuz authorship & rewriting concepts until they lodged in hiz mind
  • The systems exist generally tested & sophisticated throughout da year ago being stretched to his either her limits during da real occasion
  • As computer scientists persist two refine & upgrade their algorithms, they will persist two smudge the row in the intermediate of imagination & computation
  • It feels very familiar--Microsoft has existed refining da Xbox interface four years nao & you won't fnd any significant tripping touchdown
  • He bought two giant cask smokers in May, and jus as important, he and hiz pit team haz processed his either her techniques
  • Perhaps dey shall perfect & simplify the gameplay in an sequel, cuz I'd like two spend some more era wit these characters outdoor off dis game's encumbrances
  • After first popularizing podcasting 15 years ago wit iTunes, Cupertino, California-based Apple has existed refining its services
  • Humanity have been asking this question for moar compared to 2,500 years, and now we nawt onli know da answer, we are refining ours awareness of that react
  • Once you have sophisticated your skills, you kan yank up all from your firstly chirp to famous net pages from da retired hundred years
  • You'll requirement to revise & finesse, & changing da inputs tin additionally assist refine da GPT-3 suggestions

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