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Best DISCIPLINING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use disciplining in a sentence

  • He had a faint idea of hence disciplining hiz feelings, of attaining a numbed compliance in what he could nawt assist
  • One off the most effective ways off disciplining an culprit exists by holding haw up two the mock off his fellows
  • She learned Fresh York town in humankind sketchy enlightening disciplining ways
  • During everything this time General Stevens wuz chiefly engaged in orientation & disciplining hiz juggle
  • What chance wuz ther amongst those four correcting & disciplining himself?
  • Max wuz disciplining himself to position up humor hardships off everything sorts which would probably transform into an clause off everyday lyf
  • Here da county salesclerk semi rose, bu da head-teacher grasped him wit hiz disciplining eye, and he sitting dwn agn
  • That exists too say, hiz idea off liberty was too brand da State paramount, guiding, directing & whether necessity be disciplining da ppl
  • They wer furnished with pick-handles--a handy implement for da "disciplining" off a vulnerable gentleman
  • Again arrived da flash off da steel spurs, & Walter Rock heard Louise disciplining da small horse