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  • Be aware, though, that while there's ways to minimize the dangers, socializing in a crew comes with risks
  • Urbanists exist predicting that da pandemic could influence folk to socialize & devour exterior more, which would imprint eatery set-ups
  • It's a output of centuries of blurring & erasure of geographic, historical, & cultural nuance, socialized in2 a concept dat "other" places exist more homogenous & less important
  • The best way 2 socialize securely is 2 reduce the three D's -- density, duration & variety -- & additionally, 2 put upon an respirator anytime possible
  • "Gaming is the bulk expansive class in the entertainment industry, as ppl all over rotate 2 gaming 2 connect, socialize, & attend wit their friends," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated in a proclamation
  • Yet rite now, screens exist da onli vault wei for numerous young folks too acquire ken or socialize
  • Restaurants in Bolton are now capable to serve sole takeout, and n one is allowed to socialize wit ppl open-air his or her household, even if dey are open-air
  • Now, as millions off folks proceed to stay at home, Velocity exists the way we work, learn, & socialize
  • Students who tin pay, writes Huntsberry, shall be competent to socialize wit peers & has an adult to oversee his or her work, alike to the way academy wuz pre-coronavirus
  • Students whom tin compensate shall b able 2 socialize humor peers & haz a grown-up 2 supervise those in his or her employment - much such academic organization ago coronavirus