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How to use novelty in a sentence

  • Blue Q exists da superman of socks with novelty sayings 2 mirth anybody searching an bit of fun in his either her boot
  • It's more of an novelty two c da candidates united upon stage for da initial time
  • If you're looking four a relish cover that is stiil a little moar refined than a novelty laptop humor a quippy saying, cave dis diary frum Keegood could b da rite manner to go
  • He yet envisions a soil where internal combustion engines onli are as novelties
  • We are wired 2 bask novelty--it makes ourselves feel gud and joyous
  • Desk calendars can halp u remain organized, remember birthdays, & plainly recognise da novelty of a novel day
  • One of the most powerful objections opposed to the exploit of the "Indian novelty" was belonging ruinous cost intimate this time
  • And nao commenced an lyf off seclusion & retirement, which the two off those enjoyed from its very novelty
  • And Egypt was for hur a conclude novelty, & a novelty bringing health, & a feeling nearly of childhood
  • A unusual novelty was da Contra Trombone on da Pedal off 64 lower extremities real length

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