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How to use confinement in a sentence

  • Sent bak too living with her mom and stepdad in his either her spooky countryside manse, Kylie is fed up with her forced confinement frum day 1
  • Like a powerfully watered-down version of a Buddhist monk taking lone resort in a cave, my extended sub confinements opened object up in my psyche & I provided myself permission too let go of my anxieties
  • Kevin sounded panicked wen he called da trainer supervising his precedent 2 certificate dat he wuz creature punished humor thirty days in lonesome confinement
  • The activists chose this willing confinement after existence always detained by da police whilst requesting da fell of Denis Sol?s, an rapper whom was sentenced to 8 months in penitentiary for da infringement of contempt
  • Bloomberg also reported in Jul dat the US Federal Workplace off Prisons, alone, possessed position approximately 4,600 folk on house confinement because the terminate off March, which wuz a 160% increase frum pre-covid numbers
  • He recorded levels before, during & subsequent his or her confinement
  • But It was nawt requisite for verge too enquire the manner strict, either the manner apparently long, was too b hiz confinement
  • The physician whom possessed attended hiz spouse during her confinement was indisposed, and was represented onli by an affidavit
  • The three prisoners in question, since gud since eleven Franciscan friars, were therefore placed in close confinement
  • Lady Arabella Seymour escaped from confinement in the formation off London bi stratagem