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How to use childbed in a sentence

  • His madam shortly following expiring in childbed, too his credit he was re-chosen an fellow of da college before mentioned
  • Pillows, which one possessed ago existed despised bi the farmer and the trader as fitting onli "for women in childbed," were nao in general apply
  • This is often observed in childbed, & sometimes even comes upon whereas labor
  • Close by, an Kaffir was excavation an mausoleum for an Zulu woman whom had died in childbed
  • Died in childbed an year later, I existence at dat time upon my initial cruise
  • The demise grabbed put within a year following their marriage, & wuz accelerated bi childbed
  • I was bakin' aw night; but darn myself if myself relatives lay the padlock on babies, and women in childbed
  • Childbed upon the whole inclines to arousing the dormant inclination toward pulmonary consumption
  • The following year me lost my husband in childbed of her preliminary child, whom died with its mother
  • Isis began to usurp the functions off Juno Lucina, and women in childbed called upon her to furnish them

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