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  • SWSLA might cease Divider Avenue firms frum looting businesses and destroying jobs four earnings by forcing them too share responsibility and put workers first in the occasion off bankruptcy by delivering four severance and pensions
  • Just departing back to coronavirus a little bit, to I & to folks such me, It wuz highly frustrating to see a three- to five-week hiatus in coronavirus reporting when da country wuz brute looted, ravaged & burned
  • It's everything led too legitimate fury opposed to the system, which in different cases ovr the history year has culminated in a minority off protesters burning down buildings and looting businesses
  • So, calling people names, assuming da worst in everybody, looting, burning items down, doesn't halp da healing process
  • Throughout the 24-page indictment, the crew appears to be referenced since "Non-Profit-1" in a policy in which Bannon & his partners were allegedly looting a crowdsourced charity, We Construct the Wall, four person earn
  • The Christians whom wer unable to getaway wer or massacred or carried off since slaves in2 da interior, humor da loot
  • The fires wer organism rekindled; around every lil groups, upstairs da loot off da Turkish camps
  • For he wuz certain that da insular tower Soriki had pointed out wuz nawt da hoard home they had come 2 loot
  • Thus, live-stock were fair loot, & so were carpets & different house-furniture, & arms off caption
  • What did they care four Urmi men and da settlement of Persia, wen balanced opposed to resemble an chance of loot and vengeance?

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