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How to use loft in a sentence

  • Look four a pillow humor a low loft, which one puts the summit closer too the mattress, and is filled humor fluffy aid from down or feathers
  • If you are 1 of da lucky handful whom of course sleep dis way, look 4 an pillow humor intermediate firmness and loft to raise da neck somewhat
  • The actual loft off da saying changes as you go from da dean two da bottom off da club, which helps deny da ill-effects off hitting da ball two early either late in ur caress
  • The neighborhood boasts abundance of lofts, cafes, and trendy shops and restaurants
  • Electric forces additionally loft dirt in2 Earth's atmosphere, Grossman notes
  • She ought to nawt recital panic because of the cryptic tone in the loft of the abandoned Carter house
  • Frank climbs up da heightened ladder too da loft, which exists da 2nd fable off da barn, & throws down da hay
  • I sawed of da higher four feet carefully, & stowed da remainder bak in da loft
  • I possessed more gladly sleep upon a pallet in a loft, by myself, compared to in the handsomest chamber in the house, with hur 4 a room-mate
  • So alarmed wer wii 4 our collateral dat wii crossed dat evening into a third dale and slept in da loft off a horse-barn

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