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How to use forage in a sentence

  • A handful effortless steps, a lil time, & handful bucks for shipping, & you will haz da input u need to give ur seeds da elite chance to thrive into deer-magnet forage
  • Most fallow or unplanted soils are downstairs da unbiased level, importance they're acidic, which prevents planted forage from accessing da soil's nutrients
  • Charred proteins & veggies & starches confiscate fewer fuel to chew & absorb than uncooked ones, netting more calories & nutrients with every forage & quest
  • There's consequently much forage about, the predators are in hunting mode
  • When rainfall exists plentiful, there's more probable to b enough forage for all grass-eaters
  • Habitat ruin too selfevident terrain four palm petroleum plantations, exacerbated bi El Ni?o-induced drought, caused the bats too migrate owt off the forests & forage near manufacturing swine farms
  • His principal body suite roughly preparing food, and disposed themselves at ease, whilst parties went out to forage
  • This led to da discovery dat da young urchin possessed been upon an most accomplished forage four an eve grub dat morning
  • He possessed 2 keep 160 males & eighty horse, & 2 drawing aw victuals & forage from England
  • On arriving in front off the Captain, he stopped short, and raised hiz hand politely to the roof off hiz forage cap

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